Testimonies of Jews who believe in Jesus

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Testimonies may take you by surprise. All kinds of Jews have counted the cost, considered the claimes and committed themeselves to following Jesus as the Messiah. 

If God is at all, he is God for all.If Jesus is the Messiah, he is not merely for one segment of humanity. Jesus is for everybody, for anybody - and he is certainly for the Jewish people by whom he first came.

In this book, you'll read about a doctor, a lawyer and a couple of "business chiefs" who candidly tell the events that led them to Y'shua (Jesus). Also included are Paul Steiner, a scientist; Stan Telcin, a pillar of the Jewish community; Vera Schlamm, a holocaust survivor: people from all walks of life have come to faith in him for reasons which are told between the covers of this book.

These personal accounts of Jewish believers in Y'shua are not proof that he is the Messiah; they  are merely evidence that all kinds of Jewish people believe Jesus is for the Jews. Each bibligraphical sketch is different, but all the people have one thing in common: they are Jews who want you to know what Y'shua means to them. Maybe their stories will mean nothing to you. Or maybe they'll mean the beginning of everything.... 

The editor, Ruth Rosen, is a graduate of Biola University. She is a commissioned staff worker at Jews for Jesus and has served with them in Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco. She has written many of the gospel pamphlets printed and distributed by Jews for Jesus, and edits many of their publications. Her parents are also Jewish believers in Jesus. Her mother's story is included in this book.

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Forfatter(e) Av Ruth Rosen
Format 22 x 14 cm
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ISBN ISBN: 1-221022-00-5
Språk Engelsk
Trykkår 1992
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Forlag Purple Pomegranate Productions

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