Jewish believers in Jesus

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"This is a first-rate contribution by top scholars to our understanding of Jews who believed in Jesus during the first few centuries of Christianity. Not only does the volume address in depth the many complexities of the historical, social, literary and religious aspects of Jewish believers in Jesus, it also admirably engages the very construction of scolarship on the topic. This is a comprehensive work of meticulous and careful scholarship that should be the standard reference on the subject for years to come."

Jeffrey S. Siker, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Theologigal Studies, Loyola Marymount University

"For a long time, the accepted view on the early Jewish Christian community has been that after the Jewish war against the Romans that ended in A.S. 70 with destriction of Jerusalem, the Jewish Christian community became a marginal phenomenon and soon disappeared in the Gentile Chrisian church. The contributions to the present book on Jewish believers in Jesus result in a fundamental revision of this picture. It shows that more or less close relations beween Jewish believers in Jesus Christ and Judaism continued at least into the Constantinian period (4th centry) in spite of the endeavors of leaders on both sides to get their view of a fundamental opposition between Judaism and Christianity generally accepted. I consider the accumulated evidence for the revision of this picture very persuasive. It amounts to a strong suggestion that for a long period the disagreements conserning the person of Jesus did not prevent a continuing awareness of the fact that Jesush believers in Jesus and even Christians from the Gentiles could feel they believe in the same God as the Jews did. This view of the relationship should also have an impact on contemporary Jewish Christian dialogue."

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Wolfhart Pannenberg DD (mult.) FBA
Emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology, University of Munich.

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Trykkår 2007
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Forlag Hendrickson Publishers

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