Reaching toward the heights - Book of daily devotions

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Each person must live one day at a time, and the Christian seeks to live his days "reaching toward the heights". One way this can be done is by spending a few moments each day medidtating on God's Word and His love.

Reaching Toward the Heights is a unique collection fo daily devotional readings by renowned author Richard Wurmbrand. Pastor Wurmbrand is widely known as the Romanian pastor who spent forteen years in Communist concentration camps because of his faith. He served three years in solitary cells, during which time he was subjected to many tortures. 

Out of these experiences Pastor Wurmbrand emerged with a burning love for God and his fellow-man. His love for his Lord is shown in the 366 devotionals in this book. He seeks to share with his readers his love for Christ and what He means to him. One of the unique features of this devotional book is that many of the illustrations used come either from his experiences in prison camps or from fellow Christians who suffered or are sufferinng as he did. Some many startle you, others may cause your heart to ache, but still others may bring a smile. 

Reaching Toward the Heights is an unusual book. It is a book written out of the experiences of life - a life called upon to suffer for the Lord. It can only draw a person closer to his Savior - who suffered for him! 


About the author

Richard Wurmbrand is an evangelical Lutheran pastor of Jewish origin who was born in 1909 in romania. When the Communists seized his native land in 1945, he became a leader in the underground church. In 1948 he and his wife, Sabina, were arrested, and he served fourteen years in Red prisons, including three years in solitary confinement in a subterranean cell, never seeing the sun, the stars, or flowers. He saw no one exept his guards and torturers. Christian friends in Norway purchased his freedom for $10.000 in 1964. 

Pastor Wurmbrand now makes his home in California, and is founder of an international organization, "Christian Mission to the Communist World," which aids persecuted Christians in Communist countries.

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Antall sider 366 (en pr dag i året)
Forfatter(e) av Richard Wurmbrand
Format 21 x 13,5 cm
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Språk Engelsk
Trykkår 5th Edition 1987
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Forlag Living Sacrifice books

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